Criminal Abuse of duty as Public Officers.

The trio are VID Officers stationed at VID Beitbridge Depot. It is the State’s allegations that the trio are Accountants under VID and that from the period between January 2018 to January 2019, the trio abused their duties by fraudulently or corruptly cancelling road transit coupons which they had issued or issued by cross border motorists citing fictitious reasons like incorrect registration, wrong route and duplications. Thus, misrepresenting that the coupons had not been used and that they were re-issued coupons to replace the cancelled coupons.
The offences were discovered by ZINARA through tracking of road transit coupons. Because of their fraudulent conduct, RENIAS HAMANDISHE defraud ZINARA in the sum of US$9 700.00 and nothing was recovered. PAUL CHADA defrauded ZINARA in the sum of US$7 790.00 and nothing was recovered. Allen Tendayi defrauded ZINARA in the sum of US$540.00 and nothing was recovered.

Allen Tendayi
Paul Chada
Renias Hamandishe

Current Position
Allen Tendayi – The DP P Beitbridge postponed the matter to 27/04/2020 as the new proposed trial date.
Paul Chada – Postponed to 27/04/2020 as the new proposed trial date.
Renias Hamandishe – Continuation of trial 27/04/2020.

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