Count 1
C/S 1 [a] [ii] of Exchange Control Act, Chap. 22:05 ARWs 20[1] [b] of SI 109 of 1996
Externalisation alternatively C./S 8[2] of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act Chap. 9:24

Count 2
Money Laundering and proceed of Crime Act Chap 9:24 [failure to make a disclosure physical cross border transportation of currency Alt. C/S 182 [1] of the Customs & Excise Act Chap. 23:02

Between 14/03/15 to 20/01/17 and at Plumtree Border Post, the accused unlawfully took out US$6 314 006, ZAR 500 100, EURO 39 500 to Botswana without the knowledge or approval from RBZ and without declaring to Zimra that he was taking out the money.

Delny Deanna Ashley Dayies

Current Position
Postponed to 05/06/2020. Pending High Court Review. Witnesses managed to attend but the lawyer challenged the witness’s declaration papers. So we applied for review of papers.



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