Theft alternatively defeating course of justice

Accused persons 1,3,5,7 and 8 are Police officers. Accused 2 and 4 are fellow church members at Johanne Masowe e Chishanu Plumtree. Accused 6 is a Legal Practitioner. Accused 9 and 10 are Public Prosecutor and Regional Magistrate respectively.
On 07 July 2018 accused 2 was arrested whilst in procession of 14,710kgs of gold intending to smuggle it to Botswana. The gold seized by ZIMRA. The gold was worth US$647 266.40. The accused persons connived to steal the gold. Each accused played a role. They sold the gold and shared the proceeds

Sidingumuzi and 9 others

Current Position
Matter is set for continuation of trial on 12-15/05/2020. Judge dismissed application for leave to appeal by accused 2.



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