C/S 170(1)(b)(ii) of the Criminal Law Codification & Reform Act, Chapter 9:23

The first accused is a Clerk of Court and the second accused a Magistrate. Both are stationed at Karoi Magistrate. The second accused was presiding over a maintenance application case where on David Mazowi was the respondent. Before the case was heard David Mazowi sent $20 through ecocash to accused one’s phone. The first accused then forward the $20 to the second accused’s phone in order to influence her into making a minimal variation to the maintenance order. The accused persons were then arrested as a result of a tip off that was received by the Police. In the meantime, David Mazowi was also arrested and he appeared in court on the 18th of May 2019 a day after the first two had appeared.

Shelter Kachirika and Armanda Muridzo

Current Position
Docket returned to station. Matter referred to Rotten Row, Harare because JSC did not provide a Magistrate

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