Theft as defined in section 113 (2) (d)

Accused Co-Director of Decade Mining Pvt Ltd a Zimbabwean who own 51% owing to the Indigenization of Zimbabwe. In July 2013 complainant Ramson Bupendra a Singaporean Investor left Zimbabwe for Singapore and left the accused while he was aware accused deposed the following 2x sample Mill, 1x sample mill, 1x 120 KVA Generator, 1x Toyota Hilux Single Cab, 1x Mazda 3, 2 ABJ concentrators, 1 Forton Ton truck, 8 electric motors, 1 x amalgam barrel, 3 compressors, 5 water pumps, 1 x motor bike, 1x dumper trailer, 20 000 tons of gold tailings, all valued at USD $500 000.

Honest Chinyama

Current Position
Postponed to 03/04/2020 for judgment.

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